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Industry Standard Compliant ​

Accredited by the UK Continuing Professional Development (CPD) consortium and standardisation body, Big Innovation Centre professional development services are dual accredited as

  1. a provider of Training Excellence and
  2. our courses are also accredited.

This means that the industry and the public sector can officially use the CPD-accredited courses for professional development for its employees. Our courses are targeted at business managers, entrepreneurs, research and technology centres, investors, policymakers, and next-generation civil servants. ​ Once you carry an industry-compliant certificate your skills also need industry-standard verification. Firstly, whether you have taken your course as an individual and independent learner or as part of industry and employee professional development, you don’t leave without a Certificate for your accomplishment. However, to verify your current professional skills, you will need to re-certify every two years by taking the course again, although you don’t need to retake the assessment part which you have already passed previously.

Our Story

Through our award-winning think-tank work, technology consultancy and expert network, Big Innovation Centre has accumulated a wealth of commercial and useful knowledge. Our Learning Lab now offers cutting-edge bespoke courses to the wider community who wants to benefit from our expertise and the expertise of our celebrated network. ​

What are you Looking for?

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Individual and Independent Professional Development​

Professionals do not only want to upskill or develop professionally, but they also wish to achieve an accredited certificate for their efforts which they can use for CV purposes, job promotions, or when they’re on the job market. On our Learning Lab e-learning platform, professionals can enjoy a unique experience and shop for accredited professional development courses that fit their individual needs, among a list of options. ​

How to become a certified Expert or Leader?

Explore our website, shop for the course that fits your need, log in to your personal account, finalise your course and download your certificate.​

Industry and Employee Professional Development ​

Many organisations, including private companies and the public sector, are obligated to offer certain hours per year for the professional development of their employees. Hours spent on CPD-accredited courses on Learning Lab or e-learning platform can be deducted from the employee’s annual professional development. Organisations can propose their professional employees pick from a range of accredited professional development courses through our Learning Lab to support their personalised professional development programmes.

How to sign up your team or staff?

We propose two ways:

  1. You can purchase accredited courses on behalf of each of your colleagues, team members or small group using their unique email addresses, so you set up each person's unique account for them, or you can ask them to do it themselves.
  2. If you are a large group you can contact our Business Services at

Private Learning Lab Portals​

Some ambitious companies looking to train their people or network are requesting their own unique e-learning portal for their business or network with the courses they pick to professionally develop or upskill their people or network. Here organisations can enjoy a branded and customised experience. This service is suitable for individual organisations, business networks, or larger groups who want to access selected courses or programmes for their own employees or networks. ​

How to request your private Learning Lab Portal?


In-Person Professional Development

We host seminars for professionals at Big Innovation Centre head office in London on an ad hoc basis. They are announced in our newsletter or on our Learning Lab website.

How to stay tuned?

Check our Learning Lab website or sign up for our newsletter here.

Executive Training​

We host Executive Training on request. They are available in selected areas and usually mix course material with live presentations and chaired discussions. They can be online or in-person.​

How to request Executive Training?