National Security and Facial Recognition


National Security and Facial Recognition

8 hours
Access: 14 days

Course Description

Upon completion you will become Certified Expert in National Security and Facial Recognition

The use of facial recognition technologies in the context of national security will be examined in this course. We will critically scrutinise the rules and best practices required to ensure purposeful and ethical implementation of live facial recognition technologies in order to increase public, institutional, and economic safety.

The expert contributions in this course come from the United Kingdom – academia, the legal practice, the police service, and a national security body.


Learning Outcomes
After completing this course, the learner should be able to

  • Critically examine the significance of the regulation of facial recognition technology.
  • Consider what should be controlled regarding AI technology and (if not the technology itself) regarding the moral and secure application of the technology for facial recognition.
  • Describe the essential elements of a regulatory framework or best practice approach for AI-based facial recognition.
  • Outline how a guide map for AI development and adoption in facial recognition could look.
  • Provide some instances where ethical responsibility has been demonstrated or omitted in the context of AI-powered facial recognition systems for national security.
  • Investigate the role that data protection policies have in the use of AI and machine learning for facial recognition.

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