Check course details to see who the certification body is. Courses provided by Big Innovation Centre as certified by Big Innovation Centre and the UK’s Professional Development Consortium and standardization body for Continuous Professional Development (CPD). ​

Each hour allocated for a course equals one Professional Learning (PL) credit, provided the course is certified by the UK’s Professional Development Consortium. Thus, the courses can be used for your professional upskilling. ​
Once you complete all the elements of a course and pass the elements at a satisfactory level you can download your certificate at the end of the course. Courses are usually passed through quizzes. ​
Certificates indicate your professional skills which needs periodical updating as knowledge within a field evolve. Your certificate will last for two years after which you can re-certify by taking the course again. Also, if you take other courses, you will keep your existing certificates, as we know that you remain active. ​
If you do not pass a course you can retake the course at any time until you pass. You can do this within the period you have access to your course and you can also extend your period by purchasing the course again. If you do not pass the course elements you cannot download the certificate, so you fail your certification.
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