Big Innovation Centre has received Dual Accreditation by the UK Continuing Professional Development (CPD) standardisation body meaning that Big Innovation Centre is an accredited training or excellence and that its courses are accredited. ​
Yes, the impact of accreditation by the UK Continuing Professional Development (CPD) standardisation body of Big Innovation Centre and its courses means that industry and the public sector can officially use the courses for professional development for its employees. ​
Each course uses professional experts from academia or industry. Most are not professional educators or teachers, but they provide useful knowledge for your professional upskilling and learning. In order words, with our Learning Lab, you are uniquely placed to learn directly from the movers and shakers in the professional and academic world. Our frontier courses include expert knowledge from elite academics, leaders of science, innovators and entrepreneurs, and top business leaders and those involved in policy formation. ​
Your learning resources are different for each course, but typically (not always) include online videos of master classes or case examples, booklets, quizzes to self-test your knowledge. ​
Learners can benefit from self-paced learning at any time and any place, as the course is online and you can access the course, as many days as it is listed on the course website, which provides plenty of time to finish it given your circumstances.​
The course length is listed on the course website.​
The main target learner for each course is listed on the course website. Generally, we certified courses in bespoke areas relevant to managers of businesses, entrepreneurs, research and technology centres, investors, policymakers and civil servants
Once you have completed a course you are asked to provide your feedback and rate the course. Alternatively, you can email us at​
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