Conspiracy Theories


Conspiracy Theories

6 hours
Access: 14 days

Course Description

Upon completion, you will become Certified Expert in Conspiracy Theories

In this course on “Civil Rights Movements & Conspiracy Theories”, you will learn about the origins of conspiracy theories, the risks they pose, and what has to be done to dispel misinformation and instil confidence in the public.

Conspiracy theories that have been around for years have only gotten worse with the emergence of social media, especially in the last fifteen years. Yet, social media has made such theories more accessible, which has aided in their proliferation and danger.

Although some theories are harmless, many are not. The epidemic and subsequent rise in internet usage have expanded the availability of hypotheses and generated new ones in their own right,  such as the idea that COVID-19 is a man-made weapon or the outcome of 5G networks.

Expert contributors come from the USA and Canada and are leaders in the fields of psychiatry and bio-behavioural sciences, academia, social media and public sector administration.


Learning Outcomes
After completing this course, the learner should be able to
  • Examine some significant conspiracies and how they have impacted society.
  • Explain the reasons why conspiracy theories exist and what can be done to disprove them.
  • Critique efforts made by corporations, governments, and other public sector organisations to debunk conspiracy theories.

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