Creative Disruption and Social Movements


Creative Disruption and Social Movements

24 hours
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Bundle Description

Upon completion you will become Certified Leader in Creative Disruption and Social Movements

Our day is marked by fierce social movements and creative disruption. Business leaders need to be aware of these trends, just as do politicians and civil servants.  They now have an effect on all dimensions of business and society. 

Social movements have exploded in recent years, particularly in the UK, Europe, America, the Middle East, India, Central Asia, and the Far East. The green movement (Extinction Rebellion), the happiness movement, the human-machine fusion and bio-hacking trend, the civil rights and Black Lives Matter movements, the women’s empowerment movements, the virtual living movement, the opioid crisis (use of anti-depressants), the Anthropocene (humans are now shaping nature), and others are among them. The social movements based on conspiracy theories (concerning Covid-19, G5, and vaccines) or anti-globalization are equally important.

The covid-19 lockdown fundamentally altered the environment that fosters social movements.

So how should politicians, business leaders and civil servants react? Take this course bundle to get a firsthand look at the experts’ and social movers’ perspectives.