Digital Transformation and Corporate Competitiveness


Digital Transformation and Corporate Competitiveness

12 hours
Access: 10 days

Course Description

Upon completion you will become Certified Expert in Digital Transformation and Corporate Competitiveness

Digital transformation is the fully integrated digitalisation of business operations, which involves completely reimagining your company’s business model and redesigning your company’s business processes around information and communications technology (ICT), the Internet, and other emerging digital enablers such as artificial intelligence.

All factors critical to the value generation process in a business must typically be redesigned and innovated as part of the digital transformation process. We will contrast and examine various management approaches to boosting corporate competitiveness in this course.

Learning Outcomes
After completing this course, the learner should be able to

  • Analyse the sources of corporate competitiveness and how and why they must be considered as part of your digital transformation strategy.
  • Future-proof your business plan, by taking into account commercial enablers, organisational enablers, and ecosystem enablers.
  • Create a roadmap for your company’s digital transformation

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