The Gig Economy and A New Work Paradigm


The Gig Economy and A New Work Paradigm

8 hours
Access: 14 days

Course Description

Upon completion you will become Certified Expert in Precarious Work & The Digital Economy: A New Work Paradigm

After press reports of staff walkouts in the UK and USA over the usage of algorithmic assessment systems at the workplace, precarious work and the impact of AI on job routines have become major issues in recent years. In order to safeguard the impact of digitalisation on the workplace, this course analyses the current situation and what needs to happen in the future.

This course covers topics such as precarious employment in the digital economy, and the current and potential future effects of artificial intelligence (AI) on the workplace. The COVID pandemic had raised awareness of the possible problems associated with the digitisation of jobs and the workplace. Important issues including what the public and private sectors can do in situations like this and the type of awareness needed by industry, society and policymakers are discussed.

The expert contributions in this course come from the United Kingdom – including prestigious academic institutions, industry associations, and thought-leading think tanks.


Learning Outcomes
After completing this course, the learner should be able to

  • Indicate the trajectory of present and near-term trends in the areas of self-employment, the gig economy, and workers’ rights.
  • Examine the effects that artificial intelligence is having on the digital economy and the prospects for both employees and self-employed going forward.
  • Critically evaluate what steps should business, government, and workers take to address precarious employment.

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