The Strategic Management of IPRs for Value Creation


The Strategic Management of IPRs for Value Creation

12 hours
Access: 14 days

Course Description

Upon completion you will become Certified Expert in The Strategic Management of IPRs for Value Creation

Intellectual property (IP) is one of the cornerstones of today’s knowledge economy. Every great inventor, innovator, manufacturer, and consumer freely acknowledges that their advancements are built on the foundational achievements of others. The history of the patenting record over the past century also shows how companies’ knowledge bases have become more intertwined in their technologies and the ownership of their IP.

Today, entering intellectual property markets for value creation is therefore ‘Not an Option but a Must’.

In this course, you will discover how value is created from intellectual property rights (IPRs).

Learning Outcomes
After completing this course, the learner should be able to

  • Provide management strategies for generating value from the exchange of patents, copyright, open-source software, and ‘non-patented IP’.
  • Critically analyse the types of corporate strategic benefits which are accessible through the IP marketplace
  • Examine the types and sources of financial gain from IPRs
  • Examine the market positioning or competitive advantages of IPRs.
  • List the ways that IP protection methods foster innovation and inventiveness
  • Describe the advantages of building strategic relationships through IPR markets, supported with examples

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